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There are so many iconic flavors stirring about in the gorgeous and cool love song “Let’s Be Natural” by indie rock stalwarts Bradley Stewart & The Thornbirds that I don’t know where to begin and in the end, the seeds of what some might call a revival rock song might now be that important. It does from the very first big slapping downbeat feel like a sweet time machine that conjures up imagery of suited musicians with cowboy boots on, some with pompadours and some with long hair. The sound is, for me, beautifully cross generational. I can feel the mid 1950’s tortured heartbreak songs of Ray Peterson, the 60’s mad brilliance of Skeeter Davis (‘The End of the World’) and the Brit pop inspired Broken Arrow-esque sadness of Buffalo Springfield. There is, of course, heavy doo wop textures but also western country tones, Americana filtered through garden rock. In modern terms something like a collision of Kevin Morby and Chicano Batman. – American Robb

“Some Of Us”, by Bradley Stewart & The THornbirds is the kind of tune that would have most gathered around clapping, stomping, and generally interacting together. It has that “all things to all people” quality and so it did, offering light in a day that might have been up to this point, full of shade. Bradley Stewart just can’t hide his glee as he whoops through certain sequences and we’re good with such humour. Reminded me of Gilbert O’Sullivan (and the Coral) so we are dealing with old-fashioned qualities that will never go out of fashion. 10/10. -MP3 Hugger (Italy)

The End Is Not The End” is a great composition with an excellent instrumentation and a great sound production. I would like to talk to The Thornbirds and see if we can work you on our label and release many more songs of you! // Dennis – FMG Music Publishing (Germany)

“The End Is Not The End” is a song you’d nearly associate with a Christmas song and a vocal line that is so very Gilbert O’Sullivan so it is clear that Bradley Stewart & The Thornbirds have set their sights on setting the world alight with this one. A song that lovers can swoon along to because it shows us a route to how things can be turned around no matter how bad things look. -MP3 Hugger (Italy)

We need to appreciate the artistry involved in “The End Is Not The End”. A solid lead vocal performance sits with ease amidst rolling guitar waves, a punchy drum kit backbone pulse and a steady bass low end. Immersive and imaginative lyricism. Backing vocals sit right behind the lead. Plenty of push and pull to the energy/arrangement. Audibly well mixed and produced. A solid track all around. Props are due! -Music On The Moon (Canada)

This is some very chilled-out indie music and I love the authentic vintage vibration. -Santa Rosa Records (Austin TX)

Bradley Stewart & The Thornbirds have a unique music identity, we think they have a Beatles touch, they have an interesting sound, and a very critical audience. In general, their songs have a very good level of production, the mix has that vintage touch and they certainly passed the test with the way they use their knowledge of music history. – Sello Piola (Chile)

Bradley Stewart is an old romantic alright, you can tell from pretty much the off that is the case and we could be looking at a big chunk of the Beatles or Buddy Holly’s fanbase moving lock, stock, and barrel into the arms of Bradley Stewart and The Thornbirds music. I would say that the nostalgia is full-on, and in terms of visceral, traditional joy….” Let’s Be Natural” is up there with the best of them. – Janglepop Hub (Uraguay)

I cannot fail to praise the construction of this warm and enveloping pop music that Bradley Stewart & The Thornbirds bring with good vocals and light instrumentals. The charisma, sensitivity, and affection is almost palpable, both in the atmosphere of the songs, the verses, instrumental elements, and also in their videos. An honorable mention for the subtle and light riffs that complement the song. The result is beautifully executed and immersive for the listener. Congratulations on these songs and the upcoming LP. – Natalia de Mitri (Rock n Bold, Brazil)

The single “Open Up Your Eyes” places us in front of a general metric of atmosphere well enhanced by a simple and linear overall structure that offers fluid riffs, with a section of sounds that offer measured metrics, in our opinion well inserted to keep alive and pulsating listening. “Open Up Your Eyes” convinces by the simplicity and naturalness with which it is played and proposed, with that pinch of dynamics that never hurts, and which makes listening even more original and intense. This new single confirms that this band is on the inside track. – Ghost Record Label (Italy)

The thing that struck us first was that the craftsmanship on the vocal of their songs are superb. Stewart is a real songwriter and his vocal delivery is equally as strong as his lyrics. Quite a rare find in modern songwriting. -Restless Wears (UK)

The psychedelic influences we heard in the music of Bradley Stewart & The Thornbirds made us feel as if we were traveling through time to the 1960s. If their upcoming album sounds anything like the latest single, it will be a “trip” -I Dischi del Minollo (Italy)

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